New York State wants to save money for its taxpayers. A laudable desire, but not at the expense of its most vulnerable citizens. In an Op-Ed for the New York Daily News, Dr. Mitchell Shear and Marcia Shear write about their daughter Samantha, a student at JRC. Her progress from a “bloodied and bruised 80-pound girl once […]

Ms. Lorraine Slaff is the mother of identical twins, Stuart and Matthew. Matthew, now 41, came to JRC shortly before turning 17. Stuart has never attended JRC. Ms. Slaff sat down recently with JRC staff to discuss her sons’ situations. She says Matthew has done “very well at JRC. He’s very happy, he’s able to […]

JRC is pleased to partner with American Sign Language certified teacher, Marianne Molinari, to offer a 6-week series of classes in ASL, beginning May 1, 2014. This program introduces the fundamentals of ASL and readies signers for conversational sign. Enjoy a journey into Deaf culture and learn to sign without offending. This highly regarded program […]