I am both a parent of a child with several emotional and behavioral issues, and an employee of JRC for over 17 years. When I began in 1997 as a Mental Health Assistant (direct care staff), I was amazed at how well-kept the facility and residential homes are. The facility had an “at home atmosphere” for all the students and clients but they are also well-monitored by cameras and staff.

The author with one of her favorite clients.

The author with one of her favorite clients.

However, what were most impressive to me were the students and clients. They come in from all around the world to receive our services. Despite all of the negative perceptions and ongoing controversy, we have been very successful in providing our students and clients a better quality of life.

Because my child is also one who needs help, I can sympathize with the parents who struggle day in and day out just hoping to find a place where their child is getting the services they not only need but deserve. As both a parent and an employee, I can see that JRC has been and continues to be that place for our students and clients.

As I continue my employment with JRC, I recognize how privileged I am to be working at the center with so many dedicated professionals, and as I continue to grow older I will cherish all of my memories of the students and clients I have met throughout the years.

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