Mario, who fills roles in both Purchasing and Transportation, is our non-direct care staff of the month. He is on top of everything all the time. He works diligently on making sure the fleet is running and gets vehicles to school supervisors immediately when the need arises and is also amazing about ensuring all supplies are delivered in a timely manner. He always has a smile on his face and keeps a positive attitude even when challenging situations arise. Congratulations, Mario!

Bivian, Workshop Coordinator, is our direct care staff of the month. She has worked with our clients for many years providing great care and program consistency. She arrives to school early before her clients, ready to welcome them and help them start their day. She is a great advocate for those under her care and takes the time to understand their needs. Bivian is a pleasure to work with and always has words of encouragement and support towards her fellow co-workers. Congratulations, Bivian!

Carlos is our teacher of the month! Carlos is a consistent model Special Education Teacher and JRC Supervisor. As the Special Education Teacher supervising classroom D, Carlos routinely collaborates with Clinicians and direct care staff to implement behavior plans and academic routines for students presenting some of the most challenging behaviors. Carlos also did a great job welcoming a new student and parent into our JRC community last month. An exceptional teacher, supervisor, and leader. Congratulations, Carlos!