Working as a referral representative, I get to meet with parents at the most crucial point when they are really screaming for help.

Meetings are originally scheduled by parents calling JRC’s toll-free number which is linked to our child hotline (1-877-31-CHILD), often after hearing our radio ads which play on stations in different States. The meetings are conducted in the parent’s home at their comfort and convenience.

Often, parents are discouraged with the lack of support in their state and the fact that they were turned down by those people that were supposed to help them; in such cases we encounter skeptical parents who doubt our mere presence and the fact that we offering our services at no cost to them (school districts and state agencies are responsible for paying for the child’s education).

However, as a referral representative, I ensure that trust can quickly be established. Thankfully, with the Admissions team working together, the perception often changes as we stand by our words and provide help until the Admission is completed. Even Post-Admission we are still involved in keeping the trust placed in us by accommodating the parents in any way we can: for example, picking up documents, clothing, personal possessions, and more.

The team of Professionals assigned to each student upon admission is proof that JRC is a program like no other. They are very engaged in the individual’s treatment, and provide the best care to ensure that the students/clients reach their potential.

Difficult to manage, rejected by other programs, and months-long to years-long hospital stays are only a few reasons why individuals are referred initially. Once at JRC, the fact that these same students/clients are learning, engaging their peers appropriately, participating in different activities, earning rewards and money, and have a better quality of life overall, makes it worthwhile.

Although we may be on the road for weeks at a time, usually out of state, the progress of the admitted student or client is almost tangible, and gives me the motivation to keep going. Knowing that I helped and made a difference in someone else’s life remains a very humbling and rewarding experience.

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