Time does fly when you’re having fun! I have been teaching Physical Education at JRC for almost 28 years. I enjoy working with all our students and clients. They make every day exciting.

The goal of the Physical Education Program at JRC is to motivate our students and clients to develop lifelong patterns of physical activity. We try to help our students and clients understand how important it is to exercise regardless of their abilities. We feel it is important to motivate and encourage all our students and clients, including those with physical and intellectual challenges.

Two students enjoy chatting while walking on the Fitness Room treadmills.

Two students enjoy chatting while walking on the Fitness Room treadmills.

During physical education classes our students are able to work out on a variety of exercise equipment.  The students also participate in 30 minutes of exercise per day, indoors in our Fitness Room and full-size gym or, weather permitting, outside on the hiking trails, playground, and basketball court.

In addition, the physical education schedule allows for extra time for students and clients who would like to earn extra gym.  Students or clients who may want to work out for the pure joy of exercising can earn extra gym by passing a special contract.

We had a student, DR, who arrived at JRC in September 2013; he weighed 345 pounds and was not able to walk very far without stopping to rest.

With a healthy diet from our outstanding chef and an increase in his exercise, he just weighed in at 215 pounds – a loss of 130 pounds over 8 months!

During his workouts, DR was given many high-fives and pats on the back. He started out walking one minute and taking a break, and slowly increased the time. He can now walk for 20 continuous minutes! We are so proud of him!

Overall, I feel that I have challenged many of my students and clients to lead healthier lives, which makes me proud to be a teacher and contributor to the success of those who have attended JRC.

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