As the Quality Control Director, it’s vitally important for me and my staff to ensure there’s a high level of continuity with student programs, company policies, and regulations.

To achieve these objectives on a daily basis, the monitoring department employs approximately 60 staff who are scheduled 24/7 at our various residences, school buildings, and areas in between. These staff are called roving monitors, and they randomly visit the classrooms and residences and any areas the students and clients frequent, and assist the residential staff as needed.

The DVR/monitoring staff are long-term employees who have previously held various positions at JRC. These staff possess good knowledge, understanding, and have a good amount of experience with the JRC program, which are strong attributes for the many functions they’re performing.

To further achieve a high level of supervision of students and staff, JRC has invested a lot of time and money in a state-of -the-art  digital recording video (DVR) system.


The monitoring rooms provide 24/7 video coverage of JRC spaces.

This system houses approximately 1000 cameras which allow live-streaming 24 hours a day of all of the JRC residences and school buildings.

Because of this, the DVR/monitoring staff are able to take immediate corrective actions when any deviation is observed, and to cue or alert staff with questionable behavior(s) and so on.

The staff working in the residences and school buildings are also able reach out, at any time, by calling the monitoring/DVR office should they have any questions or require assistance.

Protecting the integrity of the JRC program and experience, and the safety and well-being of all our students and clients, as well as staff, is our top priority.

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