As the Quality Control Director, it’s vitally important for me and my staff to ensure there’s a high level of continuity with student programs, company policies, and regulations. To achieve these objectives on a daily basis, the monitoring department employs approximately 60 staff who are scheduled 24/7 at our various residences, school buildings, and areas in between. These […]

What is Precision Teaching and how can you use it? Precision Teaching is a measurement system that allows teachers to track what their students are learning and how they are performing. This is a great progress monitoring tool for all of you teachers out there! This system puts the collected data onto a standard celeration chart, […]

I’m a software developer at JRC and I would like to briefly talk about the charting application that we have developed here at JRC that I feel greatly benefits our students and clients and our staff. The charting application graphically displays client academic and behavioral data that we collect at the school. Academic data is collected and displayed in real […]

JRC has made use of custom software applications in order to maximize the work efficiency of staff and to more adequately manage big data. Because of the large amounts of data needed to be recorded due to the nature of our business, JRC has built many systems in-house in order to manage this workload. From a […]